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Rgn LocGuild NameServerFactionLanguage Focus Size
NA CanadaShadowhunters UniteAmerican (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 1-10
NA InternationalDemonic WisdomAmerican (XB1)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 1-10
EU Russian FederationState of SpartaEuropean (PC)Ebonheart PactRussianPvX 300+
NA United StatesAesir-VanirAmerican (XB1)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvE 11-50
NA United StatesThe Supreme SoldiersAmerican (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 1-10
EU United KingdomThe Red Moon PackEuropean (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 151-300
NA United StatesSunbros of NirnAmerican (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 11-50
EU EuropeShadowborn Wolf PackEuropean (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 300+
EU InternationalGrownups Gaming EUEuropean (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 51-150
EU GreeceHellenic EliteEuropean (PS4)Ebonheart PactGreekPvX 11-50
NA United StatesNitrous BattalionAmerican (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvP 1-10
NA United StatesThe Ordo ImperialisAmerican (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 51-150
NA CanadaTamriel's PackAmerican (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 11-50
NA United StatesTrial FarmersAmerican (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 151-300
NA United StatesMisfits AnonymousAmerican (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvE 1-10
EU Brazilthe blues dragons eliteEuropean (PC)Ebonheart PactPortuguesePvE -
NA United StatesHearthfire LodgeAmerican (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 1-10
EU EuropeShadows Over NirnEuropean (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 51-150
NA InternationalRed RidersAmerican (XB1)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 300+
NA United StatesBläck FlägAmerican (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvP 11-50
EU EuropeEIiteEuropean (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvP 1-10
EU United KingdomKnights who say niEuropean (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvP 11-50
EU InternationalBloodmoon TribeEuropean (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 51-150
NA United StatesDepressionAmerican (XB1)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 1-10
EU InternationalBacon WarriorsEuropean (XB1)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 51-150
NA United StatesCasa de SangreAmerican (XB1)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvE 51-150
NA United StatesCasa de SangreAmerican (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvE 1-10
EU United KingdomLunar SanguinusEuropean (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 1-10
NA United StatesCult of the SpiderAmerican (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 1-10
NA CanadaTrue An-XileelAmerican (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 151-300
NA United StatesDragon ScalesAmerican (XB1)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 1-10
EU InternationalAn-XileelEuropean (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 1-10
NA United StatesBlazeheartAmerican (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 51-150
NA United StatesDRxNopE and AsociatesAmerican (XB1)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX -
EU PolandLost HeavenEuropean (PC)Ebonheart PactPolishPvX 51-150
NA United StatesAlls Faire Trading GuildAmerican (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 300+
NA InternationalThe True Black HandAmerican (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvE 11-50
NA United StatesMorag Tong EbonheartAmerican (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 11-50
NA United StatesThe Balmora BrigandsAmerican (XB1)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 1-10
EU NorwaySkyforgeEuropean (PS4)Ebonheart PactNorwegianPvX 11-50
NA United StatesScheduled shenanigansAmerican (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvE -
NA InternationalThe Black OracleAmerican (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvP 1-10
NA United StatesBrotherhood of NocturnalAmerican (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 51-150
EU United KingdomMaidClanEuropean (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 11-50
EU EuropeZen ZoneEuropean (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvX 11-50