Bloodmoon Tribe / Guild Profile

Guild Name Bloodmoon Tribe
Guild Tag [BMT]
Last Updated 18th March, 2017
Server European (PC)
Faction Ebonheart Pact
Twitter N/A
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvX
Language(s) English (Secondary: Polish, German, French, other)
Location International
Voice Comms Discord
Members 51-150
Guild Leader(s) @onslo86 (Helseth Sarethi)
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 18
Min. Time Investment 5 hours/week
Timezone(s) GMT
Skill Level(s) Medium
Activities Socialising, Roleplaying, Alliance vs Alliance, Questing, Trials/Raiding, Crafting/Trading, Veteran Dungeons

About the Guild

Who are you?


Bloodmoon Tribe is a guild of werewolves founded in 02/08/2015 by @onslo86, who most of you know as Helseth Sarethi. It started like almost every guild in MMO's – seeking individuals with whom you can play with. The twist is, even if not original, that this guild recruits people who share the same passion: being a werewolf. Within a year, The Tribe grew and gathered many players from across the globe. Like every guild, we had our ups and downs, yet everytime we learned a valuable lesson from our fails and victories and we always use that knowledge to make our guild the best place for the bestial followers of Hircine.

What do you do?

We have decided that we will not be closed only to one form of gameplay, and thus we percieve ourselves as a werewolf hub, where players meet and play however they want – be it PvP, PvE or Role-Play.

There is a weekly cycle of events called the Grand Events, in which we either host a PvP/PvE event (Eternal Hunt), a Roleplaying one (The Gathering) or a social meeting (The Moot).

In Eternal Hunt players meet and depending on the number of participants we either choose to visit Cyrodiil and it's Imperial City, or to perform dungeon runs, Dragonstar Arena and Craglorn events, or host a Trial.

In The Gathering players participate in one of the ongoing storylines, hosted by one of the experienced members of the Tribe. Role-Play elements include what is to be a werewolf and its spiritual side, the connection of the Gift of Hircine with it's followers and many more. There is of course lots of fights and adventures along the way. This is a werewolf guild, you know. Think of Werewolf: the Forsaken as the best example of how we like to play it here.

In The Moot members of the Tribe meet in a special location in Stonefalls to discuss matters concerning the Tribe. Be it some new gameplay changes that affect the guild somehow, questions regarding rules, new initiatives or just having a friendly banter. Many of the decisions that deeply affect the guild are done with the approving or disapproving voice of the members. Everyone has a chance to speak their mind and ever officery of the guild, including the guildmaster, is there to hear them out.

There are also smaller events such as a lottery with various prizes, racing, or duelling tournaments. We do not dedicate ourselves only to the above mentioned Grand Events.

What's your story?

Long story short – The Tribe believes that the end of an era is close at hand, and is preparing for Hircine's arrival as the Bloodmoon Prophecies have told. They believe that only one pack will be allowed in the Great Hunt and they want to do everything to impress the Huntsman. They believe that if they gather ancient idols, known as totems of the Firstborn, they will be able to succeed in their goal and be deemed worthy to hunt alongside the Daedric Prince.

At least that was the initial plan, and things have changed a lot since. Just click on Book of Deeds on our website and see the (almost) complete story.

We are not afraid of using the lack of lore regarding the shapeshifters to fit our own story. Most of the story is checked in terms of being lore-friendly, thanks to the efforts of players who have an extended knowledge regarding the Elder Scrolls universe.

What's so special about you?

Well, we are aware that our idea of a werewolf guild is not an original one, but instead of forcing ourselves to be original, we are honing our werewolf theme as much and as best as we can. Even though we have a structure and ranking system, we consider ourselves more like a family or... a tribe, than a organisation or military group. Hence we often call ourselves brothers and sisters, or just “The Family”. We're here to help and everyone who decides to join us is welcomed, as long as he follows a few simple rules and has a good attitude.

How many are you?

At the moment as this text is written – 97. At it's peak we had over 120 players. About every 3 months we kick from 10 to 20 of the long-gone members in order to stay fresh and do not brag about false numbers.

What is required to join your guild?

We are always open to new members, regardless of nationality, age, sex, race and Alliance. All you need to do is to answer these five simple questions:

1. Are you a werewolf?

2. What style of game do you prefer - PVP, PVE or RP?

3. Would you consider Bloodmoon Tribe as your main guild if you'd like what we have to offer?

4. Will you help us build an active and growing community?

5. Can you attend to the events?

These questions will determine to see if you are a fitting character that will help the Tribe grow, or if we think that it's best to walk different paths. The most important question is – are you a werewolf, due to our guild policy to have a least one character that is a werewolf. If you aren't, fear not, for we will help you and send you someone to become one of us.

How to Contact the Tribe?

There are different ways to contact us: – the official website and the best source of the news and events happening around our guild. Nothing fancy, as we're not programmers :) – our Steam Group. Everyone's welcomed to join, and we use the tools Valve provided us to scheldue the events and have discussions. – Our DISCORD server. There is usually someone, but the server itself is used when events are occuring. Still, it's a good place to start!

Through ESO! Best way of joining the Tribe is to speak to the Alpha (@onslo86) or one of his Venerated Elders (@Beastasaur66 or @Ayleen1412) directly.

Thanks for reading this and considering joining us! May your kills be quick and many!