Legio Luporum / Guild Profile

Guild Name Legio Luporum
Guild Tag [LEGION]
Last Updated 13th April, 2017
Server American (PS4)
Faction Daggerfall Covenant
Website N/A
Twitter N/A
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvX
Language(s) English
Location United States
Voice Comms Other
Members 1-10
Guild Leader(s) Wolfsong-92
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 16
Min. Time Investment 2 days/week
Timezone(s) GMT -5
Skill Level(s) Any
Activities Roleplaying, Alliance vs Alliance, Questing, Trials/Raiding, Veteran Dungeons

About the Guild

Unfurling storm clouds choked the sky and ith it brought a stifling snow which gripped the realm in a frozen embrace. Any unfortunate sod caught within its influence suffered being bitten bitterly by the cold: yet, the expanding flurry was the least of the torments to plague those whom struggling trudged through the snow-dampened-muddied earth towards Leyawiin.
An Argonian, one of the few which could be found within this company of “traitorous cowards”, pulled upon the reins of his horse and sacrificed a moment to glance back in the direction of the path of which they had traveled. He half-expected to see the advancing banners of Legate Jena Apinia's legion fluttering in the storm-laden winds, yet was relieved when he noted nothing exceptional except what the natural world caught within the midst of a snowstorm would yield.
Legate Jena Apinia had the reputation of being cautious when entering situations which did not favor her, yet when fortune and favor were at her beck and call, she was known to be malicious and of single purposed of intent. Two Grave Tongue pondered upon what could have occurred to hesitate Legate Jena Apinia's chase of their forces, yet nothing was coming to mind...
“Tessarius Two Grave Tongue,” shouted someone near to his position. The voice, easily recognizable to Two Grave Tongue, belonged to Do’Shara, a female Khajitt whom was one of the 6th Legion’s centurions. She shouted in order to be heard over the clamor of the roaring winds. “This one does not consider it wise to continue on towards Leyawiin within this storm! Aside from the cold which tests our endurance, the snow moistens the roads and impedes the passage of the wagons. This one would advise to yield –if but momentarily- in our objective and secure a site till the storm passes.” The Khajiit offered. The Argonian, grasping the reigns of his mount, brought his horse around to face the motley crew of exhausted men and women whom had just days ago, turned outlaw, when they relinquished their loyalties to the corrupted Imperium -at his behest. Although he would not readily admit it, he felt the weight of their fates within his keeping.
It was at his suggestion that they betray the Empire.

“No, we must push on." He responded solemnly. "But Tessarius..." Do' Shara made to counter. "I recognize the value of your observation Centurion, but we cannot," he stated as he turned to face those whom were ousted as traitors and betrayers of the Ruby Throne. Wolves of men! "suffer the luxury of accommodating ourselves a reprieve from the storm which has fallen upon us. We must forge onwards. I realize you're tired, miserable and desiring worldly comfort if not spiritual. And I am certain, that like me, your thoughts upon the events which had transpired these last few days bears greatly upon you and we desire it to be nothing more than an uneasy dream in troubled sleep. Yet, all that has transpired is not some conjuration of fanciful thoughts. It is not an uneasy dream within troubled sleep.
We must not forget the treachery of the Empire. We must not forget the crimes of which we witnessed the Empire committing. We must not forget the blood, that of our own fellow legionaries -men and women whom were your comrades, friends, lovers- whose lives were sacrificed to heathen beings. We must not forget. And in recalling these horrific memories and recognizing what had occurred, we must also realize that the Empire shall also remember. They shall not readily forget our disloyalty or lightly overlook the crimes we committed against them. No, they shall pursue us til the ends of Tamriel to extract their wrath.
Thus we cannot stop. We must continue onwards to Leyawiin and the freedom of the seas beyond!" Two Grave Tongue concluded with a solemn tone.

The words he spoke, as uttered them, made him realize the brevity of the situation in which they found themselves in. He understood that their success clung upon his decisions whether just or otherwise. He turned upon his saddle and looked once more upon the horizon from whence they came. Everything of who they were loomed there upon that path back towards the Empire , yet within the mottled horizon also remained the threats of persecution, torment and possibly death. "No. We must continue forth no matter the obstacle." He uttered out loud to no one in particular. He turned to face those gathered about him whom appeared deplorable and defeated. "Brethren we must forge our strength for one another. No army which has ever stood upon the soils of Tamriel, has ever faced an adversary or an obstacle which they could not defeat or surmount whilst the purpose of all of their men was unified and their strength forged as one. We cannot rest for death bites upon our heels, yet together we may overcome this trial and brandish the flame of hope that we may save our beloved Empire from its dark turn. And should we fail in the undertaking at least I know I shall look forward to drinking and feasting in your honor within Aulysium and the here beyond!"

Spurred by the Argonian's speech, the soldiers of the Legio Luporum, the Legion of Wolves, started once more with their task of keeping the company moving forward. To where? To what fate? The men could not tell. Although it is rather fascinating, to note, that unbeknownst to one another they all quietly resigned that they would rather perish in the attempt of saving their Empire rather than perish in a shallow grave of obscurity.

Harken Citizens of Tamriel! Legio Luporum (Legion of Wolves) is recruiting. Join now!

•This is an Imperial Legion themed guild, located on the PS4 NA server.

•Our focus is on RP/PvP. What does that mean? We essentially will have two sides of the guild. One side for those mainly interested in role-play, and the other side for those who are more into the PvP aspect. However, this does not mean the two sides will be cut off from one another. No, it will be done this way so that those interested in RP and/PvP will have an easier time finding others who are primarily interested in the same thing, but we will still be united.

•This guild is aligned with the Daggerfall Covenant, so to be able to fully participate with your fellow guild mates, we ask that you have at least one character in that alliance. Level or race does not matter.

•For RP purposes and to avoid conflict, portraying werewolves and/or vampires for role-playing purposes is not allowed. That is only for In-Character role-playing. Anything outside of that is not restricted. (For example, you have a character who has the werewolf ultimate. This type of character is completely allowed when playing in the game. But when RP'ing, the werewolf in-game aspect will be ignored.)

•Voice chat is preferred, but not required.

•We will be primarily using BAND to communicate outside of the game. Joining the BAND group will be required. You can access it either with the app or browser.

•We are seeking mature and respectful individuals. Age requirement - at least 16+

If you are interested, please contact PSN: Wolfsong-92

Still recruiting!

Strength and Honor!