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Rgn LocGuild NameServerFactionLanguage Focus Size
NA InternationalThe Auction HouseAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 300+
NA InternationalThe Silk RoadAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 300+
NA InternationalRawlMartAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 300+
NA InternationalInsert Guild Name HereAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 300+
NA United StatesMirkwood ForestAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 151-300
NA United StatesRIP MechanicsAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 11-50
NA United StatesMammoth Trading CompanyAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 151-300
NA United StatesKiller Rainbow DashAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 151-300
NA United StatesGuardians of the MammothAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 151-300
NA United StatesOrdinary GentlepersonsAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 51-150
NA InternationalFurry ValleyAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 11-50
NA United StatesBlades of Eden [Trials Gui…American (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 51-150
NA United StatesThe Furries of ESOAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 151-300
NA InternationalThe Aetheius-Oblivion Alli…American (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 51-150
NA United StatesCitizens of TamrielAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 300+
NA United StatesEast Empire Trading CoAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 300+