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Rgn LocGuild NameServerFactionLanguage Focus Size
NA United StatesEast Empire Trading CoAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 300+
NA Not SpecifiedNocturnal's OutlawsAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 51-150
NA InternationalThe Aetheium Oblivion Alli…American (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 51-150
NA InternationalSpriggan AllianceAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 1-10
NA United StatesThe Sapphire CouncilAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 1-10
NA CanadaHarbingers of PlagueAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 11-50
NA United StatesOutcasts of AzuraAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 1-10
NA United StatesFighters for NirnAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 1-10
NA United StatesMisthavenAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 11-50
NA United StatesOrdinary GentlepersonsAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 51-150
NA InternationalArenthia Trading CompanyAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 11-50
NA InternationalThe Soul CollectorsAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 151-300
NA United StatesHowling CommandosAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 11-50
NA InternationalSeventh Imperial LegionAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 1-10
NA InternationalDamage IncorportatedAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 11-50
NA United StatesThe Sword and AnvilAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 11-50
NA United StatesThe Stock MarketAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 1-10
NA United StatesRefugies from LOTROAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 11-50
NA United StatesWarriorhood of TamrielAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 151-300
NA InternationalDisgraceful SynastyAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 1-10
NA United StatesReapers of SithisAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 11-50
NA InternationalDragons of azure skyAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 300+
NA CanadaAmazing Deals Of NirnAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvX 300+
NA AustraliaMagna GratisAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 11-50
NA InternationalVeawend LorAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 11-50
NA AustraliaVoice of the LostAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 11-50
NA United StatesKnights Of UnicronAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 1-10
NA CanadaSlightly OffAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 11-50