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143 guilds found. Displaying 101–143.   2010 inactive guilds excluded.

Rgn LocGuild NameServerFactionLanguage Focus Size
NA United StatesBlack Flag BrotherhoodAmerican (PS4)Daggerfall CovenantEnglishPvE 51-150
NA United StatesCasa de SangreAmerican (XB1)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvE 151-300
NA United StatesCelestial CovenantAmerican (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvE 1-10
NA United StatesDragon's Nest Thiever…American (PC)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvE 300+
EU United StatesHotep's HeroesEuropean (PC)Aldmeri DominionEnglishPvE 1-10
NA United StatesHotep's HerosAmerican (PC)Aldmeri DominionEnglishPvE 11-50
EU Russian FederationHouse AvernusEuropean (PC)UndecidedRussianPvE -
NA InternationalHouse of DisgraceAmerican (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvE 51-150
NA InternationalInsert Guild Name HereAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 300+
NA InternationalKnights of CamulodAmerican (PS4)UndecidedEnglishPvE 51-150
EU GermanyMiezhausEuropean (PC)Aldmeri DominionGermanPvE 1-10
EU EuropeNotSoSuperGuildEuropean (PS4)Daggerfall CovenantEnglishPvE 1-10
NA United StatesObscure DesiresAmerican (PS4)Aldmeri DominionEnglishPvE 151-300
NA United StatesOdin'sChosenAmerican (XB1)UndecidedEnglishPvE 51-150
EU InternationalOrder of the WolffEuropean (PS4)UndecidedEnglishPvE 300+
EU InternationalPriests of HircineEuropean (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 151-300
NA CanadaRangers GuildAmerican (PS4)UndecidedEnglishPvE 51-150
NA InternationalRawlMartAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 300+
EU EuropeScions of DawnEuropean (PC)Aldmeri DominionEnglishPvE 51-150
NA InternationalSeekers of the Azure StarAmerican (PC)Aldmeri DominionEnglishPvE 1-10
NA CanadaShadowhunters UniteAmerican (PS4)UndecidedEnglishPvE 51-150
EU InternationalSkull RippersEuropean (PS4)Aldmeri DominionEnglishPvE 1-10
NA InternationalThe AcademyAmerican (PS4)UndecidedEnglishPvE 1-10
NA InternationalThe Auction HouseAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 300+
NA United StatesThe Crooked Banner InnAmerican (PS4)Daggerfall CovenantEnglishPvE 11-50
NA United StatesThe FoundationAmerican (PS4)Daggerfall CovenantEnglishPvE 11-50
NA MexicoThe Holy Order of ArkayAmerican (XB1)Daggerfall CovenantEnglishPvE -
NA United StatesThe Kin of Lamae BalAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 151-300
NA InternationalThe Knights of The CCRSAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 11-50
NA InternationalThe Silk RoadAmerican (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 300+
NA United StatesValcrux BloodlineAmerican (PS4)Daggerfall CovenantEnglishPvE 1-10
NA InternationalVeteran VendersAmerican (PS4)UndecidedEnglishPvE 11-50
EU EuropeVirtuosoEuropean (PC)UndecidedEnglishPvE 51-150
NA United StatesVulpes AeternusAmerican (PS4)Aldmeri DominionEnglishPvE 300+
NA United StatesAD InfantryAmerican (PS4)Aldmeri DominionEnglishPvP 300+
NA InternationalBEYOND GODZAmerican (PS4)Daggerfall CovenantEnglishPvP 51-150
NA United StatesImperial LegionAmerican (PS4)Daggerfall CovenantEnglishPvP 151-300
EU United KingdomKnights who say niEuropean (PS4)Ebonheart PactEnglishPvP 11-50
NA InternationalPRIDE of the LION GUARDAmerican (PS4)Daggerfall CovenantEnglishPvP 51-150
NA United StatesPunish and Protect GuildAmerican (PS4)Daggerfall CovenantEnglishPvP 300+
NA United StatesSanguine's ChainAmerican (PS4)Daggerfall CovenantEnglishPvP 1-10
NA United StatesThe Dark UnderforgeAmerican (PC)Aldmeri DominionEnglishPvP 300+
EU InternationalThe NutcrackersEuropean (PC)Daggerfall CovenantEnglishPvP 11-50