PRIDE of the LION GUARD / Guild Profile

Guild Name PRIDE of the LION GUARD
Guild Tag [PLG]
Last Updated 1st March, 2019
Server American (PS4)
Faction Daggerfall Covenant
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvP
Language(s) English
Location International
Website N/A
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms Discord
Members 51-150
Guild Leader(s) alialioxn
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 16
Min. Time Investment 2 days/week, 4 hours/week
Timezone(s) GMT -6
Skill Level(s) Any
Activities SocialisingAlliance vs AllianceCrafting/TradingVeteran Dungeons

General Guild Info


Hello Guard! 

This PvP guild was created by alialioxn (ali) on January 8, 2017 after having been second-in-charge of two other (Pact) guilds over the first two years and after having become a master crafter.

Many of us such as SeniorChief, PrimarkValkarie, HellboundRonin, Augustii, ToxicMan, werewolf (farmer in and out of eso), ChrisMoudy and Seraph34 have been playing eso together since 6-months-in from launch or for a year of dungeons in EP along with izackbrookz and FaerieHylia.  

We've been honored to have such highly esteemed DC pvp players as ICEMOM, iiRnk (Bounty Hunter for Hire), best Stamplars ever: UsedMattress,  scopenblaze (in and out), CTDGuy (best PvP Argonian heals) , JoshTries (Keeper of Coin), best sniper SYCHO MONOGYLOID, Mikael who is friend to all and HONESTMAN (awesome pvp tank heals), and LongDuckDong (one of the first Warden healers),  CollegeDreams (dps), CrippleDarby, build obsessed SlyFox000, bakerDragonTamer, Khione, resident trollers bl00alchemist and LilMagic509 aka Gatekeeper, Flip and Barbie, Sir Charles and many more!  We also have pvp experts such as TyFight0r, DefWeiner, JAYT403-, CEN_TEX_VET, and Kysar13.  JamesGMeier has the coolest Crafter's Home!

We’ve lost a few to pc and some play Fortnite, too but we have also gained some new from pc and the box!  New members are welcome by referral!  A special welcome to those of you joining use from OOC! 

We are very happy to have such kind people who are great team mates who actually care but please don’t ever take eachother for granted! 

We have our silent mercenaries SUICIDAL_01 and mrgaus out on the field with us and we have been welcoming some new-to-game players and pc converts!  A few friends and randoms have been added into a limited permission rank for selling with occasional Trader. 

Thank you to all who've helped to make this guild an awesome place to belong while in Cryodiil!  


We run ONLY DC/blue in Shor.  Running Red or Yellow in Home Camp= auto kick no matter who it is.   We get sent screen shots by enemies. The only exeptions to this rule are Kysar and ChilePounder.

Ladies and Gentlemen ages 16 and up

PG 13.

NO vulgarity in guild chat please -  F word limit of 3 per day in Ali's headset and that's only because it's pvp  LOL

Respect Eachother  Don't compete with eachother for attention 

No Teabagging, No Vomitting on Enemies  while wearing tabard- We are known to be more dignified  Choose a different animation and show some class. Oil pots are great!  Don't ever animate over someone you didn't even kill. That's embarrassing. 

Provide mats to crafters-  Give something, anything. Contribute. Tip.  Offer trade or farming help in return if necessary. Help level another, etc.

Follow Crown.  Please don’t constantly give suggestions of where to go and what to do after the crown states the objective because it confuses the rest of the group.   Sometimes the leader isn't the crown and sometimes we take turns being crown. Stay together and IN FRONT of healers because we have to AIM our heals! 

Repair seige.  Don’t just stand on seige.  Come off between hits to look around, buff and run a second, third or even forth ballista please.  We will try to take time to pick up if possible. 

Guild Chat 1 is for meeting up but we usually use group chat. 

Go to private chat for crafting or build talk if chat one is a group run. 

DO NOT recruit randoms  - if you find a pvp protege, we will be supportive. Our goal is to remain small and personable.  There are a few members invited for Trader from time to time. Ali will do the ranking or ask that it be done by an officer. 

Introduce new recruits please. Let us know who you brought in so it remains a close knit guild.

No inviting to exploit Crafters and Builders  - Do not invite players to come get things crafted and then leave  That's using people.  Not cool, not acceptable. Just...No.  

When asking for a crafter item, FIRST supply ALL mats including improvement mats and enchant mats and give a tip  

Running with guild is not a guarantee of invitation. We have many affiliates we love who will never be in our guild because they are not a good fit for pg13 or other reasons but we still look out for them. We have many friends in DC. 

Not all members will have bank access.  Don't ask for it.  Look at history and ask an officer to access for you.  Guild bank access is offered to friends of ali who have spoken often and continue to keep good communication. 

No using guild items such as repair, xp pots and gear for anything other than self CP or main dungeon gear earning character or BLUE pvp characters  PLEASE.  Thank you! 

Share ISO on notes once Rank allows. This is a good place to list your build and your abilities and ALSO your ISO (in search of) list. 

The first PLG member to PSN message the word “rawr!” to our PLG message group will receive a goodie mail tonight, Sunday, May 27th. 

We do our best to get along with other guilds, please don't partake in smack talk in zone chats!!!!!! Don't make us look bad!  Have class!  

We are NOT a trading guild, still items may be sold in guild store after Keeps are claimed.  Sometimes we do win a trader. 

No spamming in game or playing loud music in zone chat. Respect the game!

Please message alialioxn on psn message for more information or with any questions.

Thank you for reading !

**Every once in awhile a reward is sent to a member who reads this and finds the "Easter Egg"! 







Elder Scrolls Online Info

We help eachother get ready for and run in pvp Shor.  DC only in Shor. Food and seige support, resource management, AP again.

Thank you!