Slightly Off / Guild Profile

Guild Name Slightly Off
Guild Tag [SO]
Last Updated 17th February, 2017
Server American (PC)
Faction Undecided
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvE
Language(s) English
Location Canada
Discord N/A
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms Discord
Members 11-50
Guild Leader(s) @guuron1990
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 18
Min. Time Investment 2 days/week, 12 hours/week
Timezone(s) GMT -4
Skill Level(s) Any
Activities SocialisingTrials/RaidingVeteran Dungeons

General Guild Info

What our Guild can offer:

Ideal Candidates:

<Slightly Off> is a small collection of individuals who have had success raiding as a group in other games, and even more success in the friendships we have formed. This is not a guild filled with people who are going to tear you down for making a mistake, but rather a group who strives to work together and overcome content in a way that condones a pleasurable experience rather than a second job mentality.

Most of us are older in age and have lives outside the game, and we will always be ok with with people putting IRL ahead of ESO. In saying that though, always flaking on scheduled content will not be accepted.

Right now our guild is small, so that means the guild will be more tight knit. In saying that, the guild will not have everything an established guild will have but we plan on getting everything when we are able. We are a PVE guild at heart and will be trying to do every bit of group content (ie. dungeon, vet dungeons, Achievements, Trials...etc) The guild is not looking to be bleeding edge, just move through content at a steady pace, and always looking to improve as players.

If everything talked about here interests you and you feel that <Slightly Off> might be a good fit for you feel free to apply on our website,or message me ingame @Guuron1990