Punish and Protect Guild / Guild Profile

Guild Name Punish and Protect Guild
Guild Tag [PnP]
Last Updated 17th May, 2019
Server American (PS4)
Faction Daggerfall Covenant
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvP
Language(s) English (Secondary: Smack Talk, Sailor, Caveman, BS, slander, sexual references)
Location United States
Website http://www.facebook.com/punishandprotect
Discord https://discord.gg/r7d6ne
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms Other
Members 300+
Guild Leader(s) PunishProtect
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 8
Min. Time Investment 2 days/week
Timezone(s) GMT -6
Skill Level(s) LowMedium
Activities Alliance vs Alliance

General Guild Info


"Two rules: RESPECT your guildmates and NEVER run another color in Shor ."  -PunishProtect

Does HE follow these rules? No.

PnP was created July 4th 2013 by PunishProtect in order to Punish the bad guys and Protect the good. Or so he claims. Many of it's members have been a part of PnP for the duration while running in other games, but anyone new to game will, in time notice the turn-over rate due to drama. 

The council consists of the following loyal comrads:  PunishProtect, White_Squall, B-rad_Dizzle87, BlackTiger2018, chanfaw, Eber_619, Forest_Gump3182, gtadominator23, hillsz, nevarder, RyuKayda, X_GTADOMINATOR_X.  Most of these are good folk who keep Punish at a safe distance while claiming their mic is broken.  

We are a PvP guild with the fortune to have such stand-up players as Qtaru,AFU_PIETIST, RyuKayda, wader22, B-rad_Dizzle8, AZcholo101, BlackTiger2018, Chanfaw, CrippledDarby, ForestGump3182, Di_Alot_, Klamara29,  Buttcake69, oneangrygnome, Quimby1312, Neddass, wildhoneyy, Delena and 480 more.  Punish is, during times forced to kick about 5 inactive's per week, so please be sure to communicate if you go out of town, etc.  If you’re kicked and don't know why then message a council member or Pun directly so he may send a screen shot of your polite request to his counsel and later refer to you as a fan boi once you’ve done something he didn’t give you permission to do. 

We've also have had our share of traitors there is currently a 5k bounty to be paid upon receipt of certain screenshots. Punish has many enemies  Has anyone ever questioned why? 

Although a DC PvP Guild, many PnP members have Champion and lowvy characters in other alliances from pre-cross alliance purchases or other guilds.  But you’ll notice many long time players are no longer active or have left the guild once back and most are new players who are dependent upon him for instant groups since they haven’t met any other leaders in PvP yet and Punish would like to keep it that way.  Punish will instruct each group member to block all DC who oppose him or try to expose him in chat.  This leaves DC in Shor at a slight disadvantage with lack of leadership choices and communication for call-outs and eventually in numbers while some vet players go to AD or EP in order to kill Punish after figuring this out. 

AD and EP toons are welcome in PVE but forbidden in our home campaign which is SHOR. Any member found running another alliance in our home campaign will be removed from guild without question once a screen shot has been submitted.  Punish will then invest much energy into your demise.  So please don’t go make other friends or dare have him hear you compliment any other player on being a good leader.  Heck, even if you don’t run another alliance in Shor, he has ways of convincing the many new to game that you are a traitor and untrustworthy.  You WILL be zerged down!  

PVP - Home CAMPAIGN= SHOR. (Formerly Skull) *  Come prepared to follow crown and guard and watch over him as he sits and allows his many minions to do all of the work while he streams and rubs his palms together while thinking of all of that YouTube money.  All's fair in love and war, but gold is earned with our time and we don't waste the time of a fellow guildie.  Have you ever had Punish send you XP pots or help you grind your new room?  Neither have we!  Please come prepared with food, gems and at least 4 cov ballistas, 4 oils, repair kits, 3 trebs (and a tent if you would like to go over and beyond) and please repair cold ballistas even if not yours! Do not expect players to leave pvp in order to craft. The old players who would have, have left.  Please ask our guild crafters to help you prepare before hand (ie. not on Thursday night) and don't forget to supply our 9 trait crafters with mats and tip well. After this is done you owe Punish all of your time and gratefulness.  Be sure to level up your crafters so you may return all of his leadership favors to him in the way of making him things.   Text chat is a good way to group for help with strengthening our characters before the battle. Please repair cold ballistas! Especially if Punish’s.

TABARD - Guild Tabards are available and designed to look pretty damn cool with any style armor if not hidden beneath a costume and showing guild name, but they are not required.  You do get brownie points for wearing tabard to events and on raids since some runs are posted to Facebook and YouTube channel.  Be sure to let the rest of DC know who you stand behind.  

Please wear your tabard during live streams so Pun can make money.  He will help you become famous! 

PVE- Goblin used to head trials onweekends but he left because Pun usually does during Normal 12 man trials. This position is currently available. We ask that you have at the least purple gear, proper for build and 300cp prior to Vet Trial runs and patience to either learn or help teach. Crown delegates and comma go quiet for instruction during raid. Anyone 45 and above may ask any higher for help in Dungeons with traditional team (1tank with pierce/taunts i.e. Inner fire/frost hvy, 2 dps and healer) Anyone 300cp or higher may ask any higher for help in Vet (1 tank with 2dps and one healer OR 1 tank and 3 dps with self heals).

Reschmidt and Qataru are our trials experts.  Please clear comms for instruction. They are awesome players and people who Pun does not deserve.  

All levels are welcome and we have lots of information to share. No popping in just to use for build advice and crafting.  Respect yourself and your guildmates.  Respect the game. Unlike the GM. 

There is an active member requirement.  A member will be kicked for inactivity in game after 5 months time without written explanation.  Punish loves this part!  Sometimes he has someone else to his dirty work for him!  Communicate to Officers any time off taken. We do appreciate in-game chat or text and psn message (we use group message often so please turn off your chime under profile on app if necessary) and anyone only listening in voicechat but not responding via any of the above mentioned means will be kicked immediately.

We are a closed group and membership is by invitation after running with Punish once and showing your loyalty and commitment to service along with willfulness to listen to his stories and belligerant drunk banter . We offer help with mats and withdrawal requests.  The bank is open to Member rank and above because Punish loves drama and likes to have his bank robbed so he can play victim and get better items when new to game players who don’t even have gold yet refill his crafting bag.  The withdrawal limit is 5 items per day.  Please replace with gold or items of near to or equal value. You may view recent deposits in history.  If you want to play the guild Trader mafia war, please let Punish know   He has decided to go up against all other guild Trader monopolies because it’s fun! 


All skill levels welcome! 

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