The Dark Underforge / Guild Profile

Guild Name The Dark Underforge
Guild Tag [Dark]
Last Updated 14th January, 2018
Server American (PC)
Faction Aldmeri Dominion
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvP
Language(s) English
Location United States
Discord N/A
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms N/A
Members 300+
Guild Leader(s) HexenKhajiit(Godlike Prince John), GeoForelli(Sir Hiss, stupid serpent), Deepberry(Sheriff of Nottingham)
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 12
Min. Time Investment 7 days/week, 60 hours/week
Skill Level(s) Any
Activities SocialisingRoleplayingAlliance vs AllianceQuestingTrials/RaidingCrafting/TradingVeteran Dungeons

General Guild Info

Elder Scrolls Online Info

Guild rules: Rules of the guild are pretty much freelance, but don't go telling me or any knight ranks things that are total nonsense, misleading, or that ends up failing or not working.

Deepberry is to be respected, he is the guilds best RPG gaming patron, adventurer, and crafter, he can craft almost nearly anything and conduct questing. Deepberry is guild leader SuperKhajiit's best friend on ESO with two other guild leaders and a universal gamer. All other guild leaders using 2nd rank are to be treated the same as Deepberry, which is LavonMitchell and Pepcheck.

Dungeon rules: Kill all enemies in dungeon, grab and search all loot in dungeon, and no suck ass scrubs about not using healing or tanking skills, your either a baddasse motherfucker or you get votekicked, these apply when gold hoarding, ESO plus, or looking for gear sets. If dungeons are being run to level up extremely fast(faster than the Alikr dolmens even), noobs, scrubs, losers, and time wasters will not be tolerated.

Cyrodil rules: Every unit required to be armed with artillery.

Group questing rules: No roaming or noobing like an asshole, be on point, play the game, stop daydreaming.

Adventuring rules: No trolling about skyshards being awesome, BECAUSE THEIR NOT! No overtaking others engagements to rob their xp, and no noobing, stay with the group.

Dueling rules: No sorcerer cheating, Zenimax still has to fix this of course..and vitality/resiliancy type builds are analyzed and diagnosed first.

The Dark Underforge(Tamriel B.C.), a guerrilla guard militia comprised of volunteers and the self appointed, crafted by Thor, The Seventh Legion, The Death Adder, and Magnus. The Dark Underforge accomplished operations of guarding the lands against scourge of Daedra by corrupting the Mythic Dawn of High Rock, run by evil reguards, scorpions, and giant spiders(Bastion of Eye Maggots and the Soulreavers of Molag), little wars(guerilla), and many creative tasks, deeds, and feats.

Guild rank system


The Dark Adder(MP and artillery)- SuperKhajiit101 " The Green Lion "

Dark Knights- MagnusPrime(Guild leaders 2nd account), Deepberry, LavonMitchell, Pepcheck, DylanWaugh&LovernotLoser

Rangers- Wolfwood ND, Bogey(Bogdan), Killerpaws ect.

Footman- Talisman(Redguard), MustBeGeek

Pawns- Team S/Double Dragons(Dark Underforge allies), extremely good contributers and dungeon runners.


Underforge top guildees


SuperKhajiit101 " The Green Lion "- The guild leader is also on the Xbox ESO(Gamertag: SuperDoomguy)


Deepberry(Ultimate crafter, adventurer, RPG patron, and technical player as of with simulating soldiering and game depictive qualities)


LavonMitchell(Has interest in extremely fascinating types of characters of the macabre and horror subjectualization)


Pepcheck(Fascinated with humblety characters that are extremely powerful and use secret gear and IC items, extremely flawless dungeon grinder)


DylanWaugh&LovernotLoser(Run their guild called Sober Squirrel Imports, Dylan runs auctions, raffles, skyshard hunts, dungeon groups, exploring, trading, treasure hunting, and a bunch of other cool fun events and creative ideas)


Bogey(Bogdan)- Extremely cool casual/social ESO gamer, extremely friendly and likes to have fun, has interest in extremely interesting narcissistic characters that are ideal for playing and depicting heroism, i wouldn't exactly say their the best types to make up though.


Former members: Macadoo(High level crafter 9 traits), Magicwahoozie(Dungeon runner), dogspud(Dungeon runner), Cormac Dragonslayer(Unfriendly renegade), Yaleria Mystweaver(ESO freak)


Inactive players


GeoForelli- Hes a pouter, and pouter means scrub, you know those fuckin Aries and their pouting, i have one in my family to know, GET-THE-FUCK-OVER-IT-PISSY, well, hes probably one of those schizophrenic fags that dress up like evil clowns, and get babied by some fuckin professional punchin bag bitches who drive corvettes n shit, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!