Sons of the Nightmother / Guild Profile

Guild Name Sons of the Nightmother
Guild Tag [SONM]
Last Updated 19th April, 2019
Server European (PS4)
Faction Daggerfall Covenant
Style & Focus Casual/Laidback PvX
Language(s) English (Secondary: Dutch, German, Portuguese)
Location Europe
Website N/A
Discord N/A
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms N/A
Members 51-150
Guild Leader(s) Sugarspunsister1
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age 18
Min. Time Investment 7 days/week
Skill Level(s) Medium
Activities SocialisingRoleplayingAlliance vs AllianceQuestingTrials/RaidingCrafting/TradingVeteran Dungeons

General Guild Info

Very Friendly Casual guild. One of the longest running since the start of the game on PS4. PVP/E all levels. Mainly English but Dutch, Portuguese , Spanish and Aussie players  (and others!) Help with leveling so can join at any level. No need to use mic if you’re shy, can still join events. Currently around 280  players in guild. Very active Facebook page also psn and guild chat . Players on  all day. If you want to join, send  me a psn message, shout on  screen for someone in the guild to join you up or apply to join our Facebook page (set to private until you join ) 

Elder Scrolls Online Info

Popular Eso since Eso was launched . Very friendly . No elitists .....PVE and PVP . Started as a DC guild but now all alliances welcome although DC preferred for PVP (for events)