The Auction House / Guild Profile

Guild Name The Auction House
Guild Tag [TAH]
Last Updated 1st May, 2019
Server American (PC)
Faction Undecided
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvE
Language(s) English
Location International
Discord N/A
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms N/A
Members 300+
Guild Leader(s) acsquared
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age N/A
Min. Time Investment N/A
Activities Crafting/Trading

General Guild Info

Founded 3/30/14

Elder Scrolls Online Info

5 day inactive policy. Normally has a waitlist of a few days. 

If you mail me for an invite, please specify which guild of mine you want to join. I run 4. 

Guild house has every attuneable station, all sets in the game, including the Summerset and Murkmire releases, all levels of training dummies, a transmutation station and all mundus stones. We maintain a good trader, and require no dues or minimum sales. We have a weekly raffle with 20 prizes where our top prize is a million gold or a 1,300,000 house. 

There's a free to enter FB raffle weekly (one entry per person) with a prize of 200k gold. 

We also have an in guild crown escrow service that has sucessfully facilitated the sale of over ONE MILLION CROWNS and over 200 million gold, which is, you know, a lot. We're currently at 1.4 million crowns moved and 260 million gold moved. We've even helped NA/EU server exchanges! Details about that are also available on our website. 

Lastly, we have a monthly in-guild event that has big prizes. Grand prize tends to be a million gold. They're always free to enter and all participants get a prize. That's also explained on the website.