The PTKs / Guild Profile

Guild Name The PTKs
Guild Tag [PTK]
Last Updated 23rd November, 2018
Server American (PS4)
Faction Undecided
Style & Focus Casual/Laidback PvX
Language(s) English
Location International
Website N/A
Discord N/A
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms N/A
Members 300+
Guild Leader(s) ptkush
Recruitment Status Open
Min. Age N/A
Min. Time Investment N/A
Timezone(s) GMT -8
Activities SocialisingQuestingCrafting/TradingVeteran Dungeons

Elder Scrolls Online Info

If you're looking for a chill, laid-back guild on PS4 NA whose primary focus is having a good guild trader and being helpful to one another - in a setting with no weekly fees/dues and never will have such - then The PTKs may be the guild for you!

While we don't traditionally go after any guild traders in capital cities (we'd probably have to charge mandatory weekly fees to compete and that's not what we're about), we do tend to get good-to-great traders. We have been in Vivec City for a while, for example, and have made appearances in Rawl'kha and even Wayrest on occasion.

We support ourselves through donations from members, occasional raffles, and our two weekly guild text chat auctions - Guildmaster ptkush runs Monday nights and DragonRacer13 runs Friday nights.

Guild requirement is that you are active, of a generally good nature (i.e. don't be a constant troll or mean to people), and CP 250 or higher on at least one character.

The guild bank is locked down and for donations only. To 100% donate items for the auctions, you'd deposit to the guild bank. If you'd like to be a SELLER in our auctions (plot twist!), you'd mail the auctioneer of the next upcoming auction with your items and state what percentage you are donating to the guild (minimum donation of 20% is asked). Each seller is limited to 3 mails per auction (18 total item attachments) to try and keep auctions quick and efficient. We do ask for items to be of good quality, such as blue/purple furnishing plans, gold mats, high-level crafting mats, alchemy mats, master writs, purple motifs (except Chapters 11-14, Assassins, Mercenary, Hollowjack, and Skinchanger), psjiic/key fragments, rare and cool prepared furniture, XP pots, research jewelry, and mid-level blue food/drink recipes or the really tasty purple food/drink recipes. Only traditionally good items to avoid are set armor/weapon/jewelry pieces (just too hard to auction off, from past experience). Being an auction seller is an awesome way to help support the guild AND make some extra coin for yourself. 

We do have some members that group up to do dungeons or trials, so we have help available for that, if such is your jam. We also have all attunable weapon/armor crafting stations and are working on getting the attunable jewelry crafting stations installed. Additionally, we have all Mundus stones available. Just check the guild roster, sorted by rank, to see whose primary residence has what you need.

If you'd like to join the family, reach out to either of us on PSN - ptkush is the guildmaster and DragonRacer13 is the Vice GM