Hermaeus Lurkers / Guild Profile

Guild Name Hermaeus Lurkers
Guild Tag [HML]
Last Updated 12th September, 2020
Server European (PC)
Faction Ebonheart Pact
Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvX
Language(s) English
Location Europe
Website https://www.eso-database.com/en/guild/hermaeus-lurkers/1910/
Discord N/A
Twitter N/A
Voice Comms N/A
Members 11-50
Guild Leader(s) Dark_Solitude
Recruitment Status Closed
Min. Age 18
Min. Time Investment 1 hours/week
Timezone(s) GMT +2
Skill Level(s) Any
Activities SocialisingQuestingTrials/RaidingVeteran Dungeons

General Guild Info

Hermaeus Lurkers

"All seekers of knowledge come to me, sooner or later."

Want to do dungeons and actually read the quests? Do group content AND get the loot? Team up for trials, and this time get the achievements? Do worldboss raids without running right past all the Chests? Join and help build a "No stress" adventurers guild! Were a growing community taking in members in small bursts, integrating the group slowly. Our aim is to be a strong, known alternative to whats out there already.

Welcome to Hermaeus pocket realm.

Straighten your backs, as the gloomy shade of knowledge surrounds you. We, Herma-moras lurkers are building a cult filled with absolute savvy lorecollectors, obsessive achievement completionists and compulsive collectors of busts. We share a big ambition of making everyone feeling chill, immersed and focused. Step into Apocrypha, the endless library, with shelves stretching onward in all directions; Here well gather all the books we read, loot rampantly amassed, quests thoroughly finished, emotes found and achievements wholeheartedly completed. All in a slow pace, where everyone can tag along! 
Join a calm (low paced) lore-reading, quest-hearing, Achievement making, loot-finding guild. Hermaeus awaits you. Just open the black book and fill in your application. :D 

But first; Acknowledge the rules making this guild possible.


  1. Cultists need not have a certain ingame time a week, but it is point critical to be active or simply responsive in guild chat. 
    We recommend using the chatbox settings to create a separate tab for Hermaeus Lurkers only, to not miss when being repeatedly mentioned. Because:
  2. The chat is supposed to be a calm and welcoming place where no cultist feels ignored. 
    As such we think it goes without saying that we are respectful and considerate to each other. Sometimes get out of our own way to help others - The next day it might be you that need the same help with something else, miss an item, or has a question needing answers. Each call for help is a chance to get to know each other even more!
  3. Any activity alongside the cults members or in the cults name, should follow the guilds vision; 
    If at all possible: Finish things one part at a time, frantically do frequent ready-checks, make sure everyone got what they wanted, wait for conversations to end before heading along. This is the group leaders responsibility to uphold, and this is to be respected by everyone. The cult should never, ever on Tamriel be seen in any rush, or argument about why someone didn't get their book/loot. This is extra crucial if wearing any guild symbol or showing ones association with it through titles etc.)
  4. We always vote about the guilds primary directions. 
    This is done via the mailbox, and always when it regards decisions around the guild itself. Should we have a tabard? Should we get a trader? Do we want a discord? Should we have a website? Twitter/Facebook? Do we want to change leadership? Etcetera. Participants will have a limited time to reply, and the votes handed in is what counts. The cult is about our members wishes and desires, as a whole.
  5. Being Blackbooked; Renders you unable to interact with the cults functions. 
    Meaning that you either applied to the guild and haven't been ranked up yet, Or it means that you downranked into a blackbooked member on your way to be removed from the guild. This is a critical warning sign that you aren't active in chat/haven't responded to cultmembers at all, or didn't follow the rules of the guild for some time.  Check your mailbox, and respond to the issue forwarded so that we can resolve the situation.
  6.  Be mindful of the whole "family". 
    We have many new players that are new to many concepts within the game, that aren't that well traversed on Tamriel as it is, and to which some things are a bit fuzzy to grasp yet. For their sake, making sure the cult is collected and calm, is extra important. Don't leave people behind. This is not the guild for elitists or overtly competitive players.
  7. Any problems within the guild are to be resolved by the Admins(Seekers) or Guild leader(Librarians). 
    This is to minimize  personal conflicts, and to make sure that the same rules rationally applies to everyone regardless of social or "monetary" status. Be mindful of our admins because: They will sometimes be handling some extent of harsh decisions, heavy responsibility, demanding performance and tough pressure.

    These rules might be updated with time, and are written as a foundation for the cult so that it keeps its vision and intention intact through and through. This will be enforced by the guild leader (librarian).

Thank you for reading, and welcome to our cult of seekers and lurkers!


Elder Scrolls Online Info

The guildmembers vote about the statutes of the guild.

This is to keep up the vision of a guild for the "slowpoke" nerds, of and by said nerds. Meaning what the members themselves once have decided, can only be changed by the members themselves by an annual voting about whether or not to change any rules. Rules set by the owner or admins can be changed, until voted about in the guild thus becoming member-employed rules.

Hermaeus Lurkers have decided:

1. Thursdays at 20.00 we run an in world event for all level players to attend.
2. Fridays at 20.00 we run an optional trial for the ones feeling sufficient.
3. Mandatory meetups should be sometimes. Not too often, but it should happen atleast some time. 
4. The guild should have a Discord channel.
5. The guild should have a Tabard/banner.
6. 50 members should be the guild size. 
7. We kick members inactive for 3 months. Reapplying is an option. 
8. New applicants need to specify why they want to join our guild.
9. Alliances with similar guilds of the same vision, can be made.