Elder Scrolls Online / Guilds Overview

North America

American (PC)

Undecided (21 guilds)

AbysmalTides, Bläck Fläg, Citizens of Tamriel, Crippled Knee Club, DarkAgeESO, Divine Crusade, Furry Valley, HRS Traders, I'kiia Home Furnishing, Insert Guild Name Here, Killer Rainbow Dash, Mammoth Trading Company, Mirkwood Forest, RawlMart, The Auction House, The Furries of ESO, The Knights of The CCRS, The Silk Road, The Vulgar Unicorn (40+), Unsung, Valar Dohaeris.

Daggerfall Covenant (8 guilds)

Amazing Deals of Tamriel, Ashen Blades, Keepers of Knowledge, Pacificacion, Rose and Shield, Silver Winds, Sixth Sense, TazzyDevils.

Ebonheart Pact (8 guilds)

Alls Faire Trading Guild, Black Sun, Dragon's Nest Thievery Co, Guardians of the Mammoth, Legio Audax, Spriggan Alliance, The Gaiscioch Family, The Ordo Imperialis.

Aldmeri Dominion (13 guilds)

AK Tamriel Trade, Amazing Deals Of Nirn, Automaton Ayrenn's Agents, Crusaders of Akatosh, Haus RavenStorm, Hotep's Heros, Kitty Rainbow Dash, Seekers of the Azure Star, Silent Warriors, Strategic Tamriel Defense, Summer Knights, The Dark Underforge, TheKnightsOfEldenWood.

American (PS4)

Undecided (17 guilds)

Aetherial Daedric Horkers, Atrias Adventurers, Chasing Ravens, Guars R Us, Gulda Femina, Kaladin's Bridge Four, Knights of Camulod, Knights of Grove, Lockpick, Nirns Shadowy Suppliers, Rangers Guild, Shadowhunters Unite, The Academy, The Dragon Chasers, The PTKs, The Silky Skeevers, Veteran Venders.

Daggerfall Covenant (10 guilds)

BEYOND GODZ, Black Flag Brotherhood, Dragon Oracle, Imperial Legion, PRIDE of the LION GUARD, Punish and Protect Guild, Sanguine's Chain, The Burning Persona, The Foundation, Valcrux Bloodline.

Ebonheart Pact (12 guilds)

Blackcraft Covenant, Disciplines Disciples, FMC, Forsaken, House of Disgrace, Pink Cloud Technicians, Shadowscale Sanctuary, TES Initiative Project, The Argonian Order, The dragonscale dwemer, The GODZ of TAMRIEL, True An-Xileel.

Aldmeri Dominion (8 guilds)

AD Infantry, AD Loyals, Beautiful Nightmares, Killswitch, Obscure Desires, The Cult Of Anui-El, The Dancing Draugr, Unholy Dark Knights.

American (XB1)

Undecided (7 guilds)

Aesir-Vanir, Clan of Fangs and Claws, Dibella's Song, Fool's Errand & Fools for the Pact, Great House Hlaalu, Late Night Runs, The Cosmic Pirates.

Daggerfall Covenant (1 guilds)

Dark Matter Incception.

Ebonheart Pact (2 guilds)

Casa de Sangre, Wolves of Winters Moon.

Aldmeri Dominion (5 guilds)

Golden Order, Sawtooth Pack, The Black Feather Order, The Last Knights Of Tamriel, The Unknown Alliance.


European (PC)

Undecided (8 guilds)

Blood Vortex, House Avernus, Lithuanian Legion, Ludophiles, Murr, Paris Is Burning, Shrine Demons, Vahlok Do Vus.

Daggerfall Covenant (3 guilds)

Aseveljet, The Nutcrackers, TheFirstEmpire.

Ebonheart Pact (5 guilds)

Ghosts and Goblins, Moon Sugar Mafia, The Bleeding Claws, The Forbidden Cleavage, The Molag Bal Trading Co..

Aldmeri Dominion (5 guilds)

Eternal Flames, Friskyttarna, Hotep's Heroes, Miezhaus, Scions of Dawn.

European (PS4)

Undecided (2 guilds)

Blue Mountain State, The Circus of The Damned.

Daggerfall Covenant (2 guilds)

Emerald Guard Reforged, Sons of the Nightmother.

Ebonheart Pact (5 guilds)

An-Xileel, Grownups Gaming EU, Knights who say ni, Shadowborn Wolf Pack, the blood hunters.

Aldmeri Dominion (1 guilds)

Stinkhorn Ridge Hoppers.

European (XB1)

Daggerfall Covenant (1 guilds)

The Skooma Fiends.

No Region


Undecided (4 guilds)

Benevolent Adventurers, Die Geheime Nachtwache (Update), Houseofpandas, Za Drots.