Elder Scrolls Online / Guilds Overview

North America

American (PC)

Undecided (24 guilds)

Amazing Deals Of Nirn, Arenthia Trading Company, Damage Incorportated, Disgraceful Synasty, Dragons of azure sky, East Empire Trading Co, Howling Commandos, Knights Of Unicron, Magna Gratis, MINX MOOD, Misthaven, Reapers of Sithis, Refugies from LOTRO, Seventh Imperial Legion, Silver Winds, Slightly Off, Spriggan Alliance, The Aetheium Oblivion Alliance, The Soul Collectors, The Stock Market, The Sword and Anvil, Veawend Lor, Voice of the Lost, Warriorhood of Tamriel.

Daggerfall Covenant (16 guilds)

Amazing Deals of Tamriel, BEYOND GODZ, Citadel, Late Knight Gamers, Order of Regenesis, POWER RANGERZ, Savage Mattress, Sixth Sense, Sober Squirrel Imports, Tamriel's Chosen Few, Tamrielic Marine Corps, The Knights of Ni, The Mailed Fist, The Noble House of Ishura, Thirteenth Roman Legion, Warriors of Cyrodiil.

Ebonheart Pact (25 guilds)

Alls Faire Trading Guild, Bläck Fläg, Blazeheart, Colovian Explorers Guild, Cult of the Spider, Dead Citizens, Dragon's Nest Thievery Co, Empire of Tamriel, Eternal Vanguard Syndicate, Hearthfire Lodge, LaughingEmbers, Neighborly Gaming, Nitrous Battalion, Order of the Bear, Questionable Heroes, Remnants of Hope, Rogues Legion, Sunbros of Nirn, Tamriel's Pack, The Black Oracle, The Blades Family, The Clockwork Pact, The Ordo Imperialis, Trial Farmers, Wardens of Winterhold.

Aldmeri Dominion (24 guilds)

AK Tamriel Trade, Antique Ordinatus Populus [NA] (40+), Ayrenn's Senatus, babadook bangers, Bank of Tameriel, Blacksoul Company, Blades of Vengeance, Fangs of Ironglaive, Hotep's Heros, House RavenStorm, Imperial Traders Guild, Kitty Rainbow Dash, Knights of Lycanshire, Knights of the Last Star, Liarees Treehouse, Mirkwood Forest, MuteAssassins, Order of the Star, Requiem of the Pack, Shadows and Whispers, Strategic Tamriel Defense, Synergy, The Dark Underforge, The Hidden Blade Academy.

American (PS4)

Undecided (19 guilds)

Atrias Adventurers, Black Axe Militia, Dead Poets Society, Gulda Femina, Illicitus, Immortal Mudcrabs, Kaladin's Bridge Four, KotG Trading Emporium, Lords of Conquering, Saiyans Of Tamriel, Shadowhunters Unite, Skooma Overdose, Sweetroll Swindlers, Tamriel Homeowner Council, The Dark Tower, The Gallows, The golden knighthood, The Holy Gummybear, The Midnight Carnival.

Daggerfall Covenant (28 guilds)

Aotearoa Natives, Barbaric Sisterhood, Call to Arms, Circle of Julianos, Company Of Justice, Daggerfall Elite, Dragon Oracle, Imperial Elder Council, Imperial Empire, Imperial Legion, Imperial Military, Imperial Trade Federation, Iron Orcs, Just Tacos, Knights of the Lionfang, Legio Luporum, Lunar Empire, Mountain cloud assassin, NeverNeverLand, Nocturnal's Veil, PRIDE of the LION GUARD / PLG, Punish and Protect guild, Sanguine's Chain, The Blades of Woe, The Burning Persona, The Pathfinder Academy, TheKnightsOfTheTriangleTable, Vanguard of Ysmir.

Ebonheart Pact (24 guilds)

Apex Oblivion, Brotherhood of Nocturnal, Casa de Sangre, Evermore Ebonheart Escape, Gods of Tamriel, Grim Arcane Immortals, Guars R Us, Knights of Desecration, Madgod Sheogorath, Misfits Anonymous, Morag Tong Ebonheart, Morag Tong Vvardenfell, Pledges of the Roundtable, Scheduled shenanigans, Severed Hands Empire, Shadowscale Sanctuary, Slayers of the Horde, The Elder Dragoons, The Incompetent Admirals, The Supreme Soldiers, The True Black Hand, TheAlphaWolfPack, tlj24, True An-Xileel.

Aldmeri Dominion (13 guilds)

Comrades in Arms, Ebonheart Imports, Ghost Shadows, Greyscale Alliance, Killswitch, Lewd Dewds, Merrica, Supernatural hunters, The Hilltop Colony, The Warlords of Aldmeri, Unbound Sinners, Undaunted Enclave, Unholy Dark Knights.

American (XB1)

Undecided (25 guilds)

Aesir-Vanir, Aldmeri Crafters Alliance, Blood and bone pact, Bloodbourne Savages, Breakfast Club's Finest, Deeko, Epic Dungeon Runners, Fool's Errand, GoodFellas Guild, Healer Hardmode, Infernal Brotherhood, lollygaggers, Lunacy Guilds, Moment of Reckoning, Monkey Mafia, Northern Storm, Nox Furia, Old Man Meta, Sentinels of Akatosh, Soul Brother Rangers, Soul Wardens, Southern Storm, The Chimney Sweepers, Tribunal Trading Charter, Vice.

Daggerfall Covenant (12 guilds)

Biros, Clan Luccin, Darkness Awakens, Eyes of the Void, holyguardians, Keepers Of The Ebon Lotus, knights of the death lily, Meeseeks Box, Swarm of Serenity, The Enteral Champions, The Sacred Syndicate, XxPridexX.

Ebonheart Pact (18 guilds)

AGE, Barbaric Legion, Casa de Sangre, Clan Grezogbur, Demonic Wisdom, Depression, Dragon Scales, DRxNopE and Asociates, East Coast Mercenaries, Knights of the Abyss, Order of the Vessen, Pact Minutmen, Red Riders, The Accursed Legion, The Accursed Legion, The Balmora Brigands, The Great Pack of Hircine, VICTORIA AUT MORTE.

Aldmeri Dominion (14 guilds)

AD Active PVE and PVP, Aldmeri Trade Union, Cadwell's Cavalry, Cornerstone Covenant, Hillbilly Hitmen, Little Red Riding Wolves, Paradiso, Red Diamond Raiders, Riders of Tamriel, The Unknown Alliance, Twilight Hearts, Undefeatable Dragons, Unicorn Sparkelz, We kill dirty Argonians.


European (PC)

Undecided (20 guilds)

ApsarokeNfriends, Blood Vortex, Brave Cat Trade, Elder Scrolls Elite, Elsweyr Imports, Enchanter's Exchange, Hircine's Pack, Lithuanian Legion, Ludophiles, paarthurnax keep, Priests of Hircine, scion of the blood matron, SCRIPTUS, Scurvy Sea Dogs, The Cooperative, The Spirit Of Nirn, ThePlebians, Vanheim, West Mercia Mercenaries, White Darkness.

Daggerfall Covenant (12 guilds)

Band of Brothers, Daggerfall Anguish Legion, Daggerfall Bandits, Daggerfall's Mercenaries, Fighting Thirteenth, House Arundel RP, Los caballeros de xuny, Social Outcasts, The Crimson Libertys, The Glenmoril Wyrd, The Guards Of Cyrodiil, The Nutcrackers.

Ebonheart Pact (13 guilds)

Alith Legion, Ashen Brotherhood, Bloodmoon Tribe, Companions RU, Green Nuclear Shotgun, Kvinnegruppa Ottar, Les Loups du Nord, Lost Heaven, Lunar Sanguinus, Shadows Over Nirn, State of Sparta, the blues dragons elite, Zen Zone.

Aldmeri Dominion (13 guilds)

Chantry of Auri-El, Dominio dei Felini, Equanimity, Eternal Flames, Friskyttarna, Knights Who Say Nirn, League of the seven, Mystics, Quantals, Scions of Dawn, The Undertaking, TSHIELD, Va Khaj Dar.

European (PS4)

Undecided (6 guilds)

Fiend, Hakai, Hudson's Bay Company, TamrielDuelingEU, The Council Of Elders, Warborn.

Daggerfall Covenant (15 guilds)

Absolute, Celestial Eclipse, Fallen swords, Feeling Fresh Traders, La Corona di Spade, Orcs of Mayhem, Shadow Vanguards, Shields of Daggerfall, Sons of the Nightmother, The Aetherium Alliance, The Bloodfallen, The Guilty Remnant, The Hidden Lotus, The Outcast, We Are Pve.

Ebonheart Pact (12 guilds)

An-Xileel, Dutch Alpha Warriors, EIite, Grownups Gaming EU, Hellenic Elite, Knights who say ni, League of Ebonheart, MaidClan, Red Devils ESO, Shadowborn Wolf Pack, Skyforge, The Hammer of Atmora.

Aldmeri Dominion (6 guilds)

Anzianotti, Dura Lex, Founders, NIGHTMAREWOW, Stinkhorn Ridge Hoppers, The Laughing Moons Trading Company.

European (XB1)

Undecided (3 guilds)

Fellowship Without Banners, Giggling coffin, The DA.

Daggerfall Covenant (5 guilds)

Covenant Youngbloods, Mercenaries Guild, Poxy, The Shadow Knight's, The Skooma Fiends.

Ebonheart Pact (4 guilds)

Bacon Warriors, Royal Ebonheart Vanguard, Templar's Honour, The Hunting Party.

Aldmeri Dominion (2 guilds)

The Elder Circle, The Mercenaries Guild.

No Region


Undecided (7 guilds)

Aldemeri Savages, Die Geheime Nachtwache (Update), Immortal Fury, Rose and Shield, The Bloodmoon Pack, The Phoenix Imperium, Za Drots.