Elder Scrolls Online / Guilds Overview

North America

American (PC)

Undecided (4 guilds)

Fun House, Haunted Souls, The Citizens of Tamriel, The Divine Conclave.

Daggerfall Covenant (2 guilds)

Nightblade Assassins, Sixth Sense.

Ebonheart Pact (5 guilds)

Aussie Dragon Slayers, Dragon's Nest Thievery Co, I'kiia Home Furnishing, The Ordo Imperialis, The S'mores Squad.

Aldmeri Dominion (7 guilds)

AK Tamriel Trade, Fahdon Mir, Hotep's Heros, Order of the Star, Peek-A-Boo, Strategic Tamriel Defense, The Furries of ESO.

American (PS4)

Undecided (4 guilds)

Atrias Adventurers, Guars R Us, HOM Invicta - House of Morningstar Gaming Community), The PTKs.

Daggerfall Covenant (3 guilds)

Punish and Protect Guild, Rez In Progress, Sanguine's Chain.

Aldmeri Dominion (3 guilds)

INʂαɳιƚყ'ʂ Edge, Killswitch, Unholy Dark Knights.

American (XB1)

Undecided (3 guilds)

Aesir-Vanir, Average Joes, Hyacinth.

Daggerfall Covenant (1 guilds)

Dark Matter Inception.

Aldmeri Dominion (1 guilds)

Strategic Trading Depot.


European (PC)

Undecided (1 guilds)


Daggerfall Covenant (1 guilds)


Ebonheart Pact (1 guilds)

Song of Sun and Moon.

Aldmeri Dominion (4 guilds)

Apex Raiders, Eternal Flames, Golden Clover, Hotep's Heroes.

European (PS4)

Ebonheart Pact (2 guilds)

Dutch Alpha Warriors, Dutch Alpha Warriors.

Aldmeri Dominion (1 guilds)

Stinkhorn Ridge Hoppers.

European (XB1)

Daggerfall Covenant (1 guilds)

The Skooma Fiends.

Ebonheart Pact (1 guilds)


No Region


Undecided (1 guilds)

Za Drots.