Elder Scrolls Online / Guilds Overview

North America

American (PC)

Undecided (9 guilds)

ÆRO, Bläck Fläg, Citizens of Tamriel, I'kiia Home Furnishing, Mirkwood Forest, Rum and Wreckage, The Furries of ESO, The Order Of Nyx, The Vulgar Unicorn (35+).

Daggerfall Covenant (5 guilds)

Ashen Blades, Fist of Oblivion, No More Toilet Paper, Sixth Sense, The Shadow Host.

Ebonheart Pact (6 guilds)

Dragon's Nest Thievery Co, Ebonheart Pact, Ebonpact Legion, Faasnu, The Gaiscioch Family, The Ordo Imperialis.

Aldmeri Dominion (11 guilds)

Accolades, AK Tamriel Trade, Automaton Ayrenn's Agents, Crusaders of Akatosh, Cyberpunk Overdrive, Fahdon Mir, Hotep's Heros, Lycanbetal, Strategic Tamriel Defense, Tamrieli Trading Company, The Dark Underforge.

American (PS4)

Undecided (6 guilds)

Atrias Adventurers, Chasing Ravens, Guars R Us, Lockpick, The Legion, The PTKs.

Daggerfall Covenant (3 guilds)

Call to Arms, Nocturnal's Veil, Punish and Protect Guild.

Ebonheart Pact (7 guilds)

Acolytes of Betty White, Illicitus (18+), Knights of Grove, Pink Cloud Technicians, Shadowscale Sanctuary, The Inquisition, True An-Xileel.

Aldmeri Dominion (7 guilds)

AD Infantry, AD Loyals, Beautiful Nightmares, Kaladin's Bridge Four, Killswitch, The Dancing Draugr, Unholy Dark Knights.

American (XB1)

Undecided (8 guilds)

Aesir-Vanir, Coven Of Brothers, Dibella's Song, Late Night Runs, Lion Heart, Northern Storm, Southern Storm, The Blood Corps.

Daggerfall Covenant (4 guilds)

Clan Beshkarnor, Covenant Order, Dark Matter Inception, The Kings Mercs.

Ebonheart Pact (5 guilds)

Cold Cauldron, The Rose Court, The Whet-Fang Clan, True An-Xileel, Wolves of Winters Moon.


European (PC)

Undecided (6 guilds)

Blood Vortex, Guild Gud, Livgardet, Murr, Ninja Penguins, The Ghostblades.

Daggerfall Covenant (2 guilds)

Aseveljet, TheFirstEmpire.

Ebonheart Pact (4 guilds)

Discipuli Christiani, Pijon of Death, Stormrage Gaming, The Forbidden Cleavage.

Aldmeri Dominion (5 guilds)

Dragon's Chosen, Eternal Flames, Golden Clover Guild, Hotep's Heroes, Va Khaj Dar.

European (PS4)

Daggerfall Covenant (2 guilds)

Emerald Guard Reforged, Sons of the Nightmother.

Ebonheart Pact (6 guilds)

An-Xileel, Dutch Alpha Warriors, Grownups Gaming EU, Knights who say ni, Shadowborn Wolf Pack, Strength in Numbers.

Aldmeri Dominion (1 guilds)

Stinkhorn Ridge Hoppers.

European (XB1)

Daggerfall Covenant (1 guilds)

The Skooma Fiends.

Ebonheart Pact (1 guilds)

Ebonheart Canines.

Aldmeri Dominion (1 guilds)

Ebonwood Alliance.

No Region


Undecided (2 guilds)

Benevolent Adventurers, Za Drots.